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"My name is Pai Myo Thu. I’m seven. When I grow up I want to be a doctor". Being able to go to school will help to change his life.
Helping Pai Myo Thu achieve his dream will change yours.

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What Makes Us Different

Our Strategy is towards sustainability and educational excellence. We aim for social enhancement supported with health nutrition and security for migrant children.

As a charitable institution we are working under the philosophy of “dollar in, dollar out.” Our intent is to minimise administration costs as far as possible.

We recognise the immensity of the challenges facing children in and around the Thai-Burma border, and our focus is to tangibly help where we can and as much as we can. We will ensure that as far as possible 100% of general donations go straight to the children.

Our method of collection and transfer of funds will be to utilise and optimise technologically advanced methods of collection, transfer and reporting in order to minimise administration costs, thus maximizing the proportion of donations.

Where We Help

Mae Sot is a major town situated directly on the Thai Burma Border. Along with the surrounding districts, it is home to several hundred thousand Burmese Migrant individuals.

Many of these individuals have escaped from significant risks facing them and their families. All hope that in Thailand, they may have an opportunity of a better future, until the situation in Burma/Myanmar improves.

Within this exodus are many tens of thousands of children, each of whom deserves to be provided with security and education.

Unfortunately, due to many reasons, economic, political and practical, this “human right” is not available to them through the Thai Educational System (although they help where they can).

The responsibility for education therefore falls on local individuals and Community Based Organisations (CBO), supported by international donors who dedicate their lives to delivering educational programs to these children.